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ACM Fourth International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:Fourth International Conference on Systems Documentation
Editors:Diana Patterson
Location:Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Dates:1985-Jun-18 to 1985-Jun-21
Standard No:ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC85; ISBN 0-89791-186-5; ACM Order Number 611850
  1. On-Line: Humans and Computers
  2. Automatic Systems Documentation Generators
  3. Papers
  4. Documentation Recognition and Education
  5. Networks
  6. Language Up [the] Grade
  7. The Computer Medium
  8. Using Human Language
  9. Automatic Documentation with Perspectives
  10. Graphics and Text
  11. A Different Vision

On-Line: Humans and Computers

Separating Content from Form: A Language for Formatting On-Line Documentation and Dialog BIBA 1-7
  Charlie Wiecha; Max Henrion
Computer User Manuals in Print: Do They Have a Future? BIBA 8-14
  John B. McKee

Automatic Systems Documentation Generators

ADL -- A Documentation Language BIBA 15-17
  Richard H. Smith
Software Maintenance Documentation BIBA 18-23
  Miheko L. Ouchi
Document Generation from a PSA Database BIBA 24-33
  E. D. Callender; Y. Yamamoto; D. B. Childs; A. M. Farny
Evolution of Program Documentation Through a Long-Term Project BIBA 34-43
  Peter E. Schilling; John T. Wizzard


BASIC and DOS Jobstreams in IBM PC Software Documentation BIBA 44-54
  Michael P. Barnett
Designing Computer Documentation that Will be Used: Understanding Computer User Attitudes BIBA 55-56
  Ann Solem
Better Quality Through Better Indexing BIBA 57-60
  Paula Angerstein

Documentation Recognition and Education

Documentation's Recognition Problem: What Can We Do About It? BIB 61
  Diana Patterson; Chris Hallgren
If Writers Can't Program and Programmers Can't Write, Who's Writing User Documentation? BIBA 62-70
  Gregory R. McArthur


An Informal Overview of CUINFO (Cornell's Computer-Based Bulletin Board) BIB 71-77
  Steven L. Worona
Help Texts vs. Help Mechanisms: A New Mandate for Documentation Writers BIBA 78-83
  Nathaniel S. Borenstein

Language Up [the] Grade

Improving Systems Documentation Using an Online Copy Editor BIBA 84-87
  Russell L. Kahn
New Metaphors for Understanding the New Machines BIBA 88-96
  Richard M. Chisholm

The Computer Medium

A Paperless Environment for Group Effort in Document Development BIBAK 97-101
  John A. Cross
Creating a Campus On-Line News System BIBA 102-107
  Pm Weizenbaum

Using Human Language

Factors Affecting Readability BIBA 108-109
  Chris Hallgren
Documentation: Effective AND Literate BIBA 110-113
  Paul S., Jr. Burdett
The Flesch Index: An Easily Programmable Readability Analysis Algorithm BIB 114-122
  John Talburt

Automatic Documentation with Perspectives

Multilingual Programming: Coordinating Programs, User Interfaces, On-Line Help and Documentation BIBAK 123-129
  Gary Perlman
The Impact of Technology on Publishing Through the Ages to You BIBA 130-133
  Diana Patterson

Graphics and Text

Merging Text and Graphics BIBAK 134-138
  Judi Cleary
Dynamic Screens and Static Paper BIBA 139-145
  Sandra Baissac Smith

A Different Vision

A Case History of a Computer Media Event -- Introducing a Supercomputer Center BIB 146-160
  Roger Segelken
From Pencils and Paste-Ups to VDTs and the Integrated Page: Some Thoughts on the State-of-the-Art BIB 161-164
  Karen E. Andresen