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Proceedings of the 2015 British Human Computer Interaction Conference

Fullname:Proceedings of the 29th International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference
Editors:Shaun Lawson; Patrick Dickinson
Location:Lincoln, United Kingdom
Dates:2015-Jul-13 to 2015-Jul-17
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-3643-7; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: BCSHCI15
Links:Conference Website
  1. Ageing, health and wellbeing
  2. Digital civics
  3. Games & play
  4. Interfaces
  5. Mobile & wearable
  6. Designing for reflection I
  7. Privacy & security
  8. Designing for reflection II
  9. Working across discipline and culture
  10. Work-in-progress (posters)
  11. Interactions gallery (demonstrations)

Ageing, health and wellbeing

Designing for mental wellbeing: towards a more holistic approach in the treatment and prevention of mental illness BIBAFull-Text 1-10
  Anja Thieme; Jayne Wallace; Thomas D. Meyer; Patrick Olivier
Outside the brick: exploring prototyping for the elderly BIBAFull-Text 11-17
  Kate Farina; Michael Nitsche
CueS: cueing for upper limb rehabilitation in stroke BIBAFull-Text 18-25
  Amey Holden; Róisín McNaney; Madeline Balaam; Robin Thompson; Nils Hammerla; Thomas Ploetz; Dan Jackson; Christopher Price; Lianne Brkic; Patrick Olivier
Exploring healthcare professionals' preferences for visualising sensor data BIBAFull-Text 26-34
  Niamh Caprani; Julie Doyle; Yusuke Komaba; Akihiro Inomata

Digital civics

Civically engaged HCI: tensions between novelty and social impact BIBAFull-Text 35-36
  Mara Balestrini; Yvonne Rogers; Paul Marshall
Civic crowdfunding: how do offline communities engage online? BIBAFull-Text 37-45
  Alexandra Stiver; Leonor Barroca; Marian Petre; Mike Richards; Dave Roberts
Content analysis of a rural community's interaction with its cultural heritage through a longitudinal display deployment BIBAFull-Text 46-55
  Trien V. Do; Keith Cheverst; Nick Taylor

Games & play

Analyzing play experience sensitivity to input sensor noise in outdoor augmented reality smartphone games BIBAFull-Text 56-64
  Farjana Eishita; Kevin Stanley
Exploring the effects of game elements in m-participation BIBAFull-Text 65-73
  Sarah-Kristin Thiel; Ulrich Lehner
BlobSnake: gamification of feature extraction for 'plug and play' human activity recognition BIBAFull-Text 74-81
  Reuben Kirkham; Carlton Shepherd; Thomas Plötz
Social activities with offline tangibles at an interactive painting exhibit in a children's cultural centre BIBAFull-Text 82-90
  Loraine Clarke; Eva Hornecker


A mathematical description of the speed/accuracy trade-off of aimed movement BIBAFull-Text 91-100
  Yves Guiard; Olivier Rioul
Visual diversity and user interface quality BIBAFull-Text 101-109
  Aliaksei Miniukovich; Antonella De Angeli
Do as I say: exploring human response to a predictable and unpredictable robot BIBAFull-Text 110-116
  Omar Mubin; Christoph Bartneck
Two-way affect loops in multimedia experiences BIBAFull-Text 117-118
  Matthew Pike; Richard Ramchurn; Max L. Wilson

Mobile & wearable

User requirements for digital jewellery BIBAFull-Text 119-125
  Jutta Fortmann; Wilko Heuten; Susanne Boll
Heuristics for the evaluation of captchas on smartphones BIBAFull-Text 126-135
  Gerardo Reynaga; Sonia Chiasson; Paul C. van Oorschot
Exploring the overlap between wearable computing and disability discrimination law BIBAFull-Text 136-137
  Reuben Kirkham
Real-life experiences with an adaptive light bracelet BIBAFull-Text 138-146
  Jutta Fortmann; Benjamin Poppinga; Wilko Heuten; Susanne Boll

Designing for reflection I

Re-writing the city: negotiating and reflecting on data streams BIBAFull-Text 147-156
  Pete Abel; Matthew Fox; Robert Potts; Drew Hemment; Catherine Thomson; Pavol Gajdos; Sha Li; Antia Dona Vazquez; Rose Barraclough; Gabriele Schliwa; Joseph Lindley; Steve Turner; Jonathon Devitt; Jane MacDonald; Alex Lee; Chris Trueblood; Deborah Maxwell; Hadi Mehrpouya; Mel Woods; Vincent Walsh; Anäis Moisy; Goktug Islamoglu; Graeme Sherriff; Vanessa Thomas; Lara Devitt; Kirsty Jennings; Chris Speed; Fionn Tynan-O'Mahony; Vera-Karina Gebhardt; Leon Trimble; Rob Raikes; Karl Monsen
Life through the lens: a qualitative investigation of human behaviour with an urban photography service BIBAFull-Text 157-164
  Simo Hosio; Richard Harper; Kenton O'Hara; Jorge Goncalves; Vassilis Kostakos
4streams: an ambient photo sharing application for extended families BIBAFull-Text 165-174
  Sam Zargham; Janko Calic; David M. Frohlich
Designing for family phatic communication: a design critique approach BIBAFull-Text 175-183
  David Chatting; David S. Kirk; Paulina Yurman; Jo-Anne Bichard

Privacy & security

The other side of privacy: surveillance in data control BIBAFull-Text 184-192
  Rula Sayaf; Dave Clarke; James B. Rule
Nudging towards security: developing an application for wireless network selection for android phones BIBAFull-Text 193-201
  James Turland; Lynne Coventry; Debora Jeske; Pam Briggs; Aad van Moorsel
A gesture-based CAPTCHA design supporting mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 202-207
  Nan Jiang; Huseyin Dogan
'Effing' the ineffable: opening up understandings of the blockchain BIBAFull-Text 208-209
  Deborah Maxwell; Chris Speed; Dug Campbell

Designing for reflection II

Back to the future: 10 years of design fiction BIBAFull-Text 210-211
  Joseph Lindley; Paul Coulton
MyRun: balancing design for reflection, recounting and openness in a museum-based participatory platform BIBAFull-Text 212-221
  Rachel Clarke; John Vines; Peter Wright; Tom Bartindale; John Shearer; John McCarthy; Patrick Olivier
Rule and theme discovery in human interactions with an 'internet of things' BIBAFull-Text 222-227
  J. Waldo Cervantes-Solis; Chris Baber; Ahmad Khattab; Roman Mitch
Performance and critical design BIBAFull-Text 228-229
  Jocelyn Spence; David Frohlich; Stuart Andrews

Working across discipline and culture

Elucidating the role and use of bioinformatics software in life science research BIBAFull-Text 230-238
  Sarah Morrison-Smith; Christina Boucher; Andrea Bunt; Jaime Ruiz
Perceptions of software developers' empathy with designers BIBAFull-Text 239-246
  Malin Lunström; Johan Åberg; Johan Blomkvist
Designing student energy interventions: a cross-cultural comparison BIBAFull-Text 247-254
  Katrin Ellice Heintze; Nicole Krämer; Derek Foster; Shaun Lawson

Work-in-progress (posters)

Design principles for collaborative device ecologies BIBAFull-Text 255-256
  Aurélien Ammeloot; David Benyon; Oli Mival
An analysis of mid-air gestures used across three platforms BIBAFull-Text 257-258
  Arthur Theil Cabreira; Faustina Hwang
Developing computational thinking through pattern recognition in early years education BIBAFull-Text 259-260
  Ana C. Calderon; Tom Crick; Catherine Tryfona
BUMP: bridging unmet modes of participation BIBAFull-Text 261-262
  Cody Chu; Claudia B. Rebola; James Kao
DataPet: designing a participatory sensing data game for children BIBAFull-Text 263-264
  Andy Dickinson; Mark Lochrie; Paul Egglestone
A virtual "window to the outside world": initial design and plans for evaluation BIBAFull-Text 265-266
  Gillian Dowds; Judith Masthoff
"Aye, have a dream #IndyRef": use of Instagram during the Scottish referendum BIBAFull-Text 267-268
  Tom Feltwell; Jamie Mahoney; Shaun Lawson
Framing the community data system interface BIBAFull-Text 269-270
  Kristian Garza; Carole Goble; John Brooke; Caroline Jay
Speech-based home automation system BIBAFull-Text 271-272
  Emmanouil Fytrakis; Ioannis Georgoulas; Jose Part; Yuting Zhu
Combining and assessing 2D maps and space-time cubes for trajectory data BIBAFull-Text 273-274
  Tiago Gonçalves; Ana Paula Afonso; Bruno Martins
Grouping contacts for information tasks BIBAFull-Text 275-276
  Paul Holmes; James Goulding; Sarah Sharples
Vibrotactile feedback for collision awareness BIBAFull-Text 277-278
  C. Louison; F. Ferlay; D. Keller; D. Mestre
Paper-based web connected objects and the internet of things through EKKO BIBAKFull-Text 279-280
  John Mills; Paul Egglestone; Mark Lochrie; Martin Skelly
MoVi: models visualization for mastering complexity in model driven engineering BIBAFull-Text 281-282
  Mir'atul-Khusna Mufida; Gaëlle Calvary; Sophie Dupuy-Chessa; Yann Laurillau
Characteristics of hand gesture navigation: a case study using a wearable device (MYO) BIBAFull-Text 283-284
  Tobias Mulling; Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan
Designing attention for multi-screen TV experiences BIBAFull-Text 285-286
  Timothy Neate; Matt Jones; Michael Evans
I++: interactive galleries for promoting interactive curiosities in web designs BIBAFull-Text 287-288
  Sergio Peña-Arrázola; Dimitri H. Masson; Alexandre Demeure; Gaëlle Calvary; Yann Laurillau
Designing to raise collective awareness and leverage energy savings BIBAFull-Text 289-290
  Lara S. G. Piccolo; Catriona Smith
Finding the future: evolving interaction design BIBAFull-Text 291-292
  Kym Primrose; Robin Sloan; Ken Scott-Brown
Droplets: geo-located audio as a social media platform BIBAFull-Text 293-294
  John Shearer; Sue Swinburne; Patrick Dickinson
Digital co-design: a future method? BIBAFull-Text 295-296
  Lei Shi; Carolyn Dawson; James MacKrill; Elisavet Dimitrokali; Rebecca Cain
pneuForm: interacting with physical form through dynamic replication BIBAFull-Text 297-298
  Juli Edyta Sikorska; Yi Tong; Clark Della Silva
An exploratory study on the use of Twitter and Facebook in tandem BIBAFull-Text 299-300
  Tasos Spiliotopoulos; Ian Oakley
Gone and back: physical interaction on a condensation-based ephemeral interface BIBAFull-Text 301-302
  Xinglin Sun
Exploring requirements for civic engagement via public displays BIBAFull-Text 303-304
  Sarah-Kristin Thiel
LightShare: sharing illumination the tangible way BIBAFull-Text 305-306
  Yi Tong; Juli Edyta Sikorska; Clark Della Silva
Designing stress management interventions for older adults to improve wellbeing BIBAFull-Text 307-308
  Michael Wilson; Julie Doyle; Gerry McTaggart

Interactions gallery (demonstrations)

Interactions gallery BIBAFull-Text 309
  Duncan Rowland; Abigail Durrant; Rachel Clarke
Labella BIBAFull-Text 310-311
  Teresa Almeida; Gavin Wood; Dean Saraf; Madeline Balaam
Watching you BIBAFull-Text 312
  Ran Ancor; Joe Casagrande
Taphobos: an immersive coffin experience BIBAFull-Text 313
  James Brown
GRWM: in the bathroom BIBAFull-Text 314
  Ko-Le Chen
'Ambient walk': a mobile application for mindful walking with sonification of biophysical data BIBAFull-Text 315
  Sixian Chen; John Bowers; Abigail Durrant
The mystery of security design BIBAFull-Text 316-317
  Antonios Vallindras; Shamal Faily
FreeAsInWifi BIBAFull-Text 318
  Cally Gatehouse
Sens-Us: imagining a citizen-led, dynamic, and localized census BIBAFull-Text 319-320
  Connie Golsteijn; Sarah Gallacher; Licia Capra; Yvonne Rogers
Digital public space between layers BIBAFull-Text 321-322
  Gökcen Keskin
We are searching for BIBAFull-Text 323
  Mimi Onuoha
Peregrination BIBAFull-Text 324-325
  Alec Shepley; Duncan Rowland
Project sky cube BIBAFull-Text 326-327
  Joanna White
NOMATEI: a koinõnia of minumental figures BIBAFull-Text 328-329
  Eleni Zevgaridou