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IEEE IPCC 2000 / ACM 18th International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:18th International Conference on Systems Documentation
Note:Technology and Teamwork
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
Dates:2000-Sep-24 to 2000-Sep-27
Publisher:IEEE PCS
Standard No:ISBN 0-78036432-5 0-78036431-7 0-78036433-3 IEEE Catalog Number: 00CH37136; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC00
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. Issues in Teamwork
  2. Approaches to Prototyping
  3. Issues in Technical Communication Education
  4. Teaching Technical Communication at a Distance
  5. Panel
  6. Implications of the Wireless Web for Technical Communicators
  7. Editing Online Documents
  8. Globalization
  9. Communication and Learning: A Corporate-Education Comparison
  10. Panel
  11. Process Integration
  12. Facilitating Process Management
  13. What Historical Studies Can Tell Us About Technical Writing Practices Today
  14. Models for Effective Testing
  15. Team Building and Single Sourcing
  16. Developing Online-Based Instruction
  17. Collaboration and Mediating Technologies
  18. The Ecologies of Technologically Mediated Work: Three Perspectives
  19. Wordcraft
  20. Literate Programming and Structured Authoring
  21. Navigating New Media
  22. Documentation Tools
  23. Issues in Web Design
  24. Information Migration

Issues in Teamwork

Evolution of the Writer's Role BIB 1-6
  L. Chamberland
Getting "Dissed": Technical Communicators in Interdisciplinary Engineering Teams BIB 7-24
  J. Dyke; P. Wojahn
You Can Go Home Again: Successful Telecommuting for the Technical Communicator BIB 25-38
  B. L. Schmidt

Approaches to Prototyping

Web Site Design: A Case Study in Usability Testing Using Paper Prototypes BIB 39-46
  H. M. Grady
Effective Prototyping for Usability BIB 47-54
  J. Hakim; T. Spitzer
Testing Documentation With "Low-Tech" Simulation BIB 55-68
  D. G. Novick

Issues in Technical Communication Education

Technical Communication Degrees for the 21st Century BIB 69-74
  M. T. Davis
Transformations in Technical Communication Pedagogy: Engineering, Writing, and the ABET Engineering Criteria 2000 BIB 75-80
  J. M. Williams
Building Cross-Disciplinary Teams in Higher Education Institutions BIB 81-86
  A. Linder; A. Ibrahim

Teaching Technical Communication at a Distance

Cyberteaming: Developing the Online Educational Team BIB 87-92
  J. W. Gibson; D. V. Tesone; C. W. Blackwell; R. M. Hodgetts
Using Distance Education to Teach Introductory Multimedia Design and Production BIB 93-98
  T. Moran
Creation, Costs, and Management: The Measure of Full-Service Online Learning BIB 99-110
  P. Beam; M. Beam; B. Cameron


The Politics, Problems, and Practicalities of Serving as an Effective User Advocate in an Obstinate Organization BIB 111-124
  A. Gaal; D. Gillette; N. Sadusky-Krantz; S. Steward

Implications of the Wireless Web for Technical Communicators

User Web Browsing Characteristics Using Palm Handhelds for Information Retrieval BIB 125-136
  M. J. Albers; L. Kim

Editing Online Documents

Editing to Improve Online Information BIB 137-144
  D. Bockus
High-Tech Publications Need Old-Fashioned Editing BIB 145-154
  J. Ramey; M. Miller
The Persuasive Power of Pathos in E-Commerce Web Design: A New Area for Research BIB 155-160
  W. Winn


Applying Culture to Website Design: A Comparison of Malaysian and US Websites BIB 161-172
  E. W. Gould; N. Zakaria; S. A. M. Yusof
Global Teamwork for a Global Resource BIB 173-184
  Deborah Hysell

Communication and Learning: A Corporate-Education Comparison

A Corporate-Education Comparison Using New Technologies for Communication and Learning BIB 185-190
  P. Rubens; S. Southard
Reaction of Computer Savvy Users to Information on the Internet BIB 191-196
  B. K. Rubens
Corporate Intranets: Building Communities with Data BIB 197-202
  H. E. McNay


Journals in Professional, Technical, and Scientific Communication: Where Are We Now and Where are We Going? BIB 203-204
  G. F. Hayhoe; K. S. Campbell

Process Integration

Writing as Software Development: Making Meaning Before, After, and Of the Code BIB 205-220
  S. Lockhart; R. Mehrotra
A Unified Process for Software and Documentation Development BIB 221-238
  M. Priestley; M. H. Utt
Team Accessible Methods for Production of Safety Critical Hypermedia Documentation BIB 239-252
  R. M. Newman

Facilitating Process Management

An Information Age Paradox: Control versus Chaos on Managing Documentation Projects with Multiple Audiences BIB 253-260
  R. S. Dicks
I Have a Little List: The Ten Indispensables BIB 261-268
  M. Magyar
The Technical Writer as a Software Process Catalyst BIB 269-280
  K. V. Scott

What Historical Studies Can Tell Us About Technical Writing Practices Today

A Peek Into the Past: 90 Years of Technical Communication BIB 281-290
  R. Blicq
Craft, Romantic, Rhetorical: Traditions That Have Shaped Our Identities BIB 291-294
  M. G. Barchilon
What Kind of Knowledge Gets Deposited in Textbooks? BIB 295-300
  B. Longo

Models for Effective Testing

Is More Beta Better? BIB 301-308
  R. Krull
But Can You Prove It? BIB 309-314
  R. Floyd
The Design Response to Usability Test Findings: A Case Study Based on Artifacts and Interviews BIB 315-324
  M. A. Rutherford; J. A. Ramey

Team Building and Single Sourcing

Building a Team for User Centered Design BIB 325-332
  C. Barnurn
Information Modeling for Single Sourcing BIB 333-342
  P. Kostur
Creating Single-Sourced Tutorials BIB 343-352
  C. Stieren

Developing Online-Based Instruction

Applying Cognitive Load Theory to the Design of Web-Based Instruction BIB 353-360
  S. Feinberg
Technology as a Tool for Attaining Music Cognition BIB 361-366
  D. Sonnenschein
Developing User Support Systems in Multi-Disciplinary Teams-New Opportunities, New Challenges BIB 367-380
  N. Kruithof

Collaboration and Mediating Technologies

Teaming Together Apart: Emergent Patterns of Media use in Collaboration at a Distance BIB 381-394
  A. Graveline; C. Geisler; M. Danchak
Technological Mediation for Design Collaboration BIB 395-406
  C. Geisler; E. Rogers
Document Collaboration and Tacit Knowledge BIB 407-418
  J. Swarts

The Ecologies of Technologically Mediated Work: Three Perspectives

Investigating the Technology-Work Relationship: A Critical Comparison of Three Qualitative Field Methods BIB 419-432
  C. Spinuzzi
The Ecology of an Online Education Site in Professional Communication BIB 433-442
  M. Zachry
Publications Management from an Ecological Perspective: Three Documentation Case Studies BIB 443-452
  T. Means-Zachry


Guidelines for Writing HTML Help BIB 453-462
  L. Abraham; S. Dyer; S. Hackell
Making Sense of Step-by-Step Procedures BIB 463-476
  M. Steehouder; J. Karreman; N. Ummelen
The Paragraph: The Weak Link in Technical Communication? BIB 477-482
  S. Murphy

Literate Programming and Structured Authoring

Elucidative Programming in Java BIB 483-496
  K. Normark; M. Andersen; C. Christensen; V. Kumar; S. Staun-Pedersen; K. Sorensen
Writing for Adaptable Documentation BIB 497-508
  E. Berglund
Making Complex Document Structures Accessible Through Templates BIB 509-520
  F. Gatzemeier; O. Meyer

Navigating New Media

What you Installed is What you See: Help Navigation in Modular Software Products BIB 521-534
  R. Green
Learning and Building Strategies With Computer Games BIB 535-540
  R. Grice; L. Strianese

Documentation Tools

Documentation Meets Version Control: An Automated Backup System for HTML-Based Help BIB 541-548
  R. Green
Automating Software Documentation: A Case Study BIB 549-558
  M. Magyar
A Why-What-How Tool for Development and Documentation of Operating Procedures BIB 559-570
  D. G. Novick

Issues in Web Design

Expanding Information Accessibility: Combining Process and Procedural Information, and using Multiple Access Routes in HTML Help BIB 571-580
  C. Williams
Exploring Navigational Patterns on the Web BIB 581-592
  D. Zimmerman; P. Walls
Meeting the Needs of Users: Toward a Semiotics of the Web BIB 593-606
  K. L. Smart; J. Rice; L. Wood

Information Migration

Rescuing an Endangered Species and Modifying It for Survival in a New Millennium: Migrating CBI of an 8th-Century Poem to a 21st-Century Environment BIB 607-610
  J. Weise; T. Tambasco; A. Parcero
The Migration to Electronic Documents at OCLC BIB 611-622
  Tip House; Deb Lewis
A Case for Monster Media BIB 623-630
  D. E. Hailey