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The HCI Bibliography Education page is visited hundreds of times a week for resources and course and program descriptions. A commonly asked question is:
Are there any published rankings/reviews of programs?
There are published rankings of departments that offer HCI programs (e.g., computer science, psychology, human factors), but I don't know of any rankings of HCI programs. There are surveys of programs available on the HCI Bibliography Education page, but these are generally self-reported.

You be the judge! Any student interested in advanced training in HCI can (and should) do their own rating by:

  1. Finding the authors who have done the most interesting work. A list of highly published authors is available on the HCI Bibliography site on the Most Frequent Authors page.
  2. Checking their publications to find out where they did this work. (It may be necessary to have access to the publications to determine this.)
  3. If the work was done at a university, then rank that university higher. (It would be prudent to check if a researcher is still at the university.)
  4. If the work was done in the past few years, then find out the universities attended by the researcher. Databases like Dissertations Abstracts or WorldCat can help track down this information. You can also see some HCI Theses in the HCI Bibliography.

Some good programs: Here is my list of the best programs in North America. The list is ordered alphabetically by their main name; I refuse to try to rank order these programs. Faculty should feel free to contact me about additions or changes. I have not listed faculty at the institution, but their program information should make it easy for you to find this information (if it does not, then maybe they need to work on their site's usability). In most cases, it is the large number of researchers doing high-quality work over many years that makes me decide to include a program. I have no first-hand knowledge of any of these programs. Other programs not on the list may be excellent alternatives, but generally must be evaluated with the record of one or two faculty.

View the detailed records for all these programs.