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Journal of Usability Studies 9

Editors:Bill Albert; Joe Dumas
Publisher:User Experience Professionals' Association
Standard No:ISSN 1931-3357
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  1. JUS 2013-11 Volume 9 Issue 1
  2. JUS 2014-02 Volume 9 Issue 2
  3. JUS 2014-05 Volume 9 Issue 3
  4. JUS 2014-08 Volume 9 Issue 4

JUS 2013-11 Volume 9 Issue 1


The UTEST Community: Celebrating 20 Years of a Safe Space for UX Discussions BIBWeb Page 1-13
  Tharon W. Howard; Laurie Gray; Alicia Hatter; Jurek Kirakowski; Dick Miller; Ginny Redish; Maggie Reilly; Carol Righi; Carl Zetie

Peer-reviewed Articles

How Low Can You Go? Is the System Usability Scale Range Restricted? BIBAWeb Page 14-24
  Philip Kortum; Claudia Ziegler Acemyan
User Experience and Accessibility: An Analysis of County Web Portals BIBAWeb Page 25-41
  Norman E. Youngblood; Susan A. Youngblood

JUS 2014-02 Volume 9 Issue 2

Invited Essay

User Experience in Asia BIBAWeb Page 42-50
  Zhengjie Liu

Peer-reviewed Articles

The Pervasiveness of Text Advertising Blindness BIBAWeb Page 51-69
  Justin W. Owens; Evan M. Palmer; Barbara S. Chaparro
User Performance and Satisfaction of Tablet Physical Keyboards BIBAWeb Page 70-80
  Barbara S. Chaparro; Mikki H. Phan; Christina Siu; Jo R. Jardina

JUS 2014-05 Volume 9 Issue 3

Invited Essay

Fast Tracking User Experience Maturity in Corporations -- From a Business Perspective BIBAWeb Page 81-86
  Kurt Sillé

Peer-reviewed Articles

Analyzing Card-Sorting Data Using Graph Visualization BIBAWeb Page 87-104
  Celeste Lyn Paul
Set of Guidelines for Persuasive Interfaces: Organization and Validation of the Criteria BIBAWeb Page 105-128
  Alexandra Néry; Eric Brangier

JUS 2014-08 Volume 9 Issue 4

Peer-reviewed Articles

The Tortoise and the (Soft)ware: Moore's Law, Amdahl's Law, and Performance Trends for Human-Machine Systems BIBAWeb Page 129-151
  Randolph G. Bias; Clayton Lewis; Doug Gillan
Probability Plotting: A Tool for Analyzing Task Completion Times BIBAWeb Page 152-172
  Bernard Rummel
The Roles of Health Literacy, Numeracy, and Graph Literacy on the Usability of the VA's Personal Health Record by Veterans BIBAWeb Page 173-193
  Joseph Sharit; Miriam Lisigurski; Allen D. Andrade; Chandana Karanam; Kim M. Nazi; James R. Lewis; Jorge G. Ruiz