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Proceedings of the 1979 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Sixth Canadian Man-Computer Communications Conference
Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dates:1979-May-29 to 1979-May-30
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI79
Links:Conference Series Home Page
An image processing system for automated screening of chest X-rays BIB 1-10
  J. H. Kullick; T. C. Challis; K. B. Martin; D. C. Haig; C. M. Haig
A computer-aided system for studying plant chromosomes BIB 11-20
  C. Merritt; T. Kasvand
The STI image processing system BIB 21-30
  P. Cadieux
Digital filtering for boundary smoothing in digital thematic maps BIB 31-40
  W. A. Davis; R. J. Orthner
A microcomputer based speech recognition system BIB 41-48
  E. J. Webb; K. Menon; C. Y. Suen
ACTION -- A graphics aid to interacting with models and simulations BIB 49-62
  P. P. Tanner; K. B. Evans
Development of a Blissymbol terminal: An interactive TV display to enhance communications for the physically handicapped BIB 63-72
  W. Giddings; J. Norton; P. Nelson; S. McNaughton; P. Reich
A raster color display system for real time computer graphics BIB 73-78
  A. Malowany; M. D. Levine
Improving user interaction in a batch environment graphical system BIB 79-86
  J. W. Wendorf; G. N. Williams
Polygon digitizing and experiences BIB 87-98
  J. Z. Yan
Automated design of industrial sequence controllers BIB 99-114
  R. Tabachnick; T. Le-Ngoc; L. J. Vroomen; P. J. Zsombor-Murray
A raster display system for computer graphics and image processing BIB 115-126
  M. Wein; N. Burtnyk; W. A. Davis; J. Norton
A unified approach to creative composition in the computer-aided arts and modelling BIB 127-128
  D. Seeley
Real-time cosmography: Point-of-view exploration of near stellar space BIB 129-130
  D. Seeley
  C. Nolette; D. Savard
A structured approach to computer graphics BIB 139-150
  N. Thalmann; D. Thalmann
Data base considerations for animation systems BIB 151-160
  J. Barenholtz
A computer aided video illustrating system BIB 161-168
  V. Adomaitis
Development of an information input system for TELIDON BIB 169-176
  S. Shlien; W. Sawchuck; C. D. O'Brien; M. Saaltink
Design goals for computer-driven CRT display systems in the control of generating stations BIB 177-188
  J. D. Beattie; L. S. Blum
Specifying the cartographic workstation human interface BIB 189-196
  G. K. Short
Towards facilitating graphical interaction: Some examples from computer-aided musical composition BIB 197-208
  R. M. Baecker; W. Buxton; W. Reeves
Computer graphics simulation of body movement language BIB 209-218
  G. J. Savage; J. M. Officer; G. McDougall
Analysis of electromagnetic compatibility with interactive graphics BIB 219-227
  S. J. Kubina; H. Widmer; M. Vuille