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DUXU 2015: Fourth International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability, Part II: Users and Interactions

Fullname:DUXU 2015: 4th International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability, Part II: Users and Interactions
Note:Volume 19 of HCI International 2015
Editors:Aaron Marcus
Location:Los Angeles, California
Dates:2015-Aug-02 to 2015-Aug-07
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9187
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-20898-5 hcibib: DUXU15-2; ISBN: 978-3-319-20897-8 (print), 978-3-319-20898-5 (online)
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. DUXU 2015-08-02 Volume 2
    1. Users in DUXU
    2. Women in DUXU
    3. Information Design
    4. Touch and Gesture DUXU
    5. Mobile DUXU
    6. Wearable DUXU

DUXU 2015-08-02 Volume 2

Users in DUXU

Effects of Packages' Color as a Cue for Hazard-Related Perceptions: A Study Using Virtual Reality BIBAKFull-Text 3-13
  Hande Ayanoglu; Rita Boto; Júlia Teles
Humanizing Labor Resource in a Discrete Event Manufacturing Simulation Software BIBAKFull-Text 14-22
  Lia Buarque de Macedo Guimarães; Carlos Sergio Schneider
Children's Mental Model as a Tool to Provide Innovation in Digital Products BIBAKFull-Text 23-33
  Adriana Chammas; Manuela Quaresma; Cláudia Renata Mont'Alvão
HARSim: Posterior Load Comparative Analysis Process BIBAKFull-Text 34-44
  Ricardo Dagge; Ernesto Filgueiras; Francisco Rebelo
Study on Operating Clearance Measurement of Some Connectors by Using Motion Capture BIBAKFull-Text 45-53
  Hao Du; Li Wang; Li Ding; Yulin Xu; Changhua Jiang
Capture and Analysis of Interaction Data for the Evaluation of User Experience with Mobile Devices BIBAKFull-Text 54-65
  Artur H. Kronbauer; Díferson Machado; Celso A. S. Santos
A Study Customer Journey Map for User Experience Analysis of Information and Communications Technology Service BIBAKFull-Text 66-74
  Jin Ho Lee; Min Ji Kim; Sung Woo Kim
Scaling Preferences of Different Stakeholders -- Using the Example of Prioritizing Quality Requirements on User Interface Texts BIBAKFull-Text 75-86
  Yiqi Li; Theo Held; Patrick Fischer
Affordances Feature on Package Design has Preference Effect on Content BIBAKFull-Text 87-94
  Jerry Lin; Cheng-Hung Lo
Measuring Negative User Experience BIBAKFull-Text 95-106
  Dominik Pascal Magin; Andreas Maier; Steffen Hess
Chinese User-Experience Design: An Initial Analysis BIBAKFull-Text 107-117
  Aaron Marcus; Stacey Baradit
Behavioural Variables Analysis in Mobile Environments BIBAKFull-Text 118-130
  Denise Marczal; Plinio Thomaz Aquino Junior
Experiences, Problems and Solutions in Computer Usage by Subjects with Tetraplegia BIBAKFull-Text 131-137
  Fausto O. Medola; Jamille Lanutti; Claudia G. Bentim; Adrieli Sardella; Ana Elisa Franchinni; Luis C. Paschoarelli

Women in DUXU

Introducing Computer Science to Brazilian Girls in Elementary School Through HCI Concepts BIBAKFull-Text 141-152
  Marília Abrahão Amaral; Sílvia Amélia Bim; Clodis Boscarioli; Cristiano Maciel
Inclusive Gaming Creation by Design in Formal Learning Environments: "Girly-Girls" User Group in No One Left Behind BIBAKFull-Text 153-161
  María Eugenia Beltrán; Yolanda Ursa; Anja Petri; Christian Schindler; Wolfgang Slany; Bernadette Spieler; Silvia de los Rios; Maria Fernanda Cabrera-Umpierrez; Maria Teresa Arredondo
3D Real Time Virtual Fitting Room for Women BIBAKFull-Text 162-171
  Salin Boonbrahm; Charlee Kaewrat; Lanjakorn Sewata; Patiwat Katelertprasert; Poonpong Boonbrahm
Re/Framing Virtual Conversational Partners: A Feminist Critique and Tentative Move Towards a New Design Paradigm BIBAKFull-Text 172-183
  Sheryl Brahnam; Margaret Weaver
Experiencing Early User Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 184-195
  Martha E. Crosby
Incommensurable Writings -- Examining the Status of Gender Difference Within HCI Coding Practices BIBAKFull-Text 196-205
  Michael Heidt; Kalja Kanellopoulos; Arne Berger; Paul Rosenthal
A Study on Shopping Websites Payeasy for Female Consumers in Taiwan BIBAKFull-Text 206-213
  Hsiu Ching Laura Hsieh; Ning Chun Cheng
Verification of Stereotype on Women Observing Gender Difference on UX of Wearable Device BIBAKFull-Text 214-223
  Hee Jae Hwang; Jung Min Lee; Da Young Ju
Closing the Gender Divide in Tech: Challenges and Achievements in Vogue BIBAKFull-Text 224-231
  Linda Lim; Yuanqiong (Kathy) Wang
Gender Differences in Temporal Data Analysis BIBAKFull-Text 232-242
  Ilona Nawrot
The Invisible User: Women in DUXU BIBAKFull-Text 243-251
  Javed Anjum Sheikh; Aneela Abbas
The Creative Process in Digital Design: Towards an Understanding of Women's Approach BIBAKFull-Text 252-263
  Virginia Tiradentes Souto; Paula C. L. A. Faria; Fátima Aparecida dos Santos

Information Design

Infographics and Communicating Complex Information BIBAKFull-Text 267-276
  Michael J. Albers
Building Cloud-Based Scientific Workflows Made Easy: A Remote Sensing Application BIBAKFull-Text 277-288
  Sofiane Bendoukha; Daniel Moldt; Hayat Bendoukha
Sound Design and UX: The Dynamic Audio Application Guide BIBAKFull-Text 289-300
  Luiz Roberto Carvalho; Alice T. Cybis Pereira
Designing an Interactive Map of Musical Culture and a Digital Humanity App BIBAFull-Text 301-306
  Sheng-Chih Chen; Chiung-Hui Hwang
Applying Human Centered Design Process for Designing Air Traffic Control Interfaces BIBAFull-Text 307-316
  Satoru Inoue; Kazuhiko Yamazaki; Hajime Hirako; Toshiya Sasaki
Synchronized Data Management and Its Integration into a Graphical User Interface for Archaeological Related Disciplines BIBAFull-Text 317-329
  Daniel Kaltenthaler; Johannes-Y. Lohrer; Peer Kröger; Christiaan H. van der Meijden; Henriette Obermaier
Brazilian Research Panorama on Information Ergonomics and Graphic Design BIBAKFull-Text 330-340
  Luis C. Paschoarelli; João Silva; Danilo Silva; Gabriel Bonfim; Fausto O. Medola; Erica Neves
Beyond the Wall of Text: How Information Design Can Make Contracts User-Friendly BIBAKFull-Text 341-352
  Stefania Passera
Digital Collections: Analysis of Collaborative Platforms BIBAKFull-Text 353-362
  Camila Rodrigues; Barbara Emanuel; Marcos Martins
Interactive Multisensory Data Representation BIBAKFull-Text 363-373
  Patricia Search
An Interactive Guide to Design Animated Visual Instructions in Brazil BIBAKFull-Text 374-381
  Carla G. Spinillo; Roberta Perozza
Lyricon (Lyrics + Earcons) Improves Identification of Auditory Cues BIBAKFull-Text 382-389
  Yuanjing Sun; Myounghoon Jeon

Touch and Gesture DUXU

Evaluating Interaction Design in Brazilian Tablet Journalism: Gestural Interfaces and Affordance Communicability BIBAKFull-Text 393-402
  Luiz Agner; Adriano Bernardo Renzi; Natanne Viegas; Priscila Buares; Vitor Zanfagnini
Haptic Exploration Patterns in Virtual Line-Graph Comprehension BIBAKFull-Text 403-414
  Özge Alaçam; Cengiz Acartürk; Christopher Habel
Collaborative Tangible Interface (CoTI) for Complex Decision Support Systems BIBAKFull-Text 415-424
  Salma Aldawood; Faisal Aleissa; Almaha Almalki; Tarfah Alrashed; Tariq Alhindi; Riyadh Alnasser; Mohammad K. Hadhrawi; Anas Alfaris; Areej Al-Wabi
User Study on 3D Multitouch Interaction (3DMi) and Gaze on Surface Computing BIBAKFull-Text 425-433
  Eugene Ch'ng; Neil Cooke
CubeMate: A New Communication Device as Non-verbal Interface in a Shared Space BIBAKFull-Text 434-443
  Roberta Grimaldi; Valentina Cipelli; Carlo Maria Medaglia
Transparent Organ©: Designing Luminaire Art Deco with Kinetic Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 444-451
  Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang
Usability of Touchpad Based Game Controller Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 452-463
  Jonathon Kissinger; Tony Morelli
Usability Evaluation of Kinect-Based System for Ballet Movements BIBAKFull-Text 464-472
  Milka Trajkova; Mexhid Ferati
Integrating a Cognitive Modelling Framework into the Design Process of Touchscreen User Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 473-484
  Patrick K. A. Wollner; Patrick M. Langdon; P. John Clarkson

Mobile DUXU

Change News Reading Habit in the Information Age and Digital Mobile Devices BIBAKFull-Text 487-494
  Juliana Nunes; Manuela Quaresma
Towards a Requirements Catalogue for Prototyping Tools of Mobile User Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 495-507
  Benjamin Bähr
Approaching Users and Context of Use in the Design and Development of Mobile Systems BIBAKFull-Text 508-519
  Eyal Eshet; Harry Bouwman
The Importance of Metaphors for User Interaction with Mobile Devices BIBAKFull-Text 520-529
  Chrysoula Gatsou
Keyword Input via Digits: Simplified Smartphone Interface for Information Retrieval BIBAKFull-Text 530-540
  Masanobu Higashida; Toru Ishida
Smartphone Application Usability Evaluation: The Applicability of Traditional Heuristics BIBAKFull-Text 541-550
  Ger Joyce; Mariana Lilley; Trevor Barker; Amanda Jefferies
Elements of Properties of User Experience in Cloud Computing Documentation Platform According to Smart Device Screen Size Changes: Focus on Google Docs and Naver Office BIBAKFull-Text 551-562
  Min Kyung Kang; Sung Woo Kim
Virtual Touchpad for Cursor Control of Touchscreen Thumb Operation in the Mobile Context BIBAKFull-Text 563-574
  Yu Ren Lai; T. K. Philip Hwang
The Interaction with Smartphones in the Brazilian Driving Context BIBAKFull-Text 575-586
  Manuela Quaresma; Rafael Cirino Gonçalves; Jhonnata Oliveira; Marcela Rodrigues
Significance of Line Length for Tablet PC Users BIBAKFull-Text 587-596
  Waqas Ali Sahito; Hashim Iqbal Chunpir; Zahid Hussain; Syed Raheel Hassan; Frederik Schulte
A Field Study on Basic Usage Patterns of Traditional Watch and Smart Phone for Designing Smart Watch BIBAKFull-Text 597-608
  Zijian Zhu; Haidi Song; Sung Woo Kim

Wearable DUXU

Adapting Smart Textiles to Develop Soft Interactive Tool Kits for Applying in Sewing Projects BIBAKFull-Text 611-621
  Aqua Chuan-Yu Chen
Evolutionary Wearables BIBAKFull-Text 622-630
  Patricia Flanagan
Transcending Disciplinary, Cultural and National Boundaries: Emergent Technologies, New Education Landscape and the Cloud Workshop Project BIBAFull-Text 631-642
  Rafael Gomez; Patricia Flanagan; Rebekah Davis
Digital Craftsmanship BIBAKFull-Text 643-654
  Tobias Klein
Designing a Vibrotactile Language for a Wearable Vest BIBAKFull-Text 655-666
  Ann Morrison; Hendrik Knoche; Cristina Manresa-Yee
TattooAR: Augmented Reality Interactive Tattoos BIBAKFull-Text 667-674
  Gabriela Schirmer Mauricio; João de Sá Bonelli; Maria das Graças Chagas
Flexible and Wearable Sensors BIBAKFull-Text 675-684
  Kuniharu Takei; Shingo Harada; Wataru Honda; Yuki Yamamoto; Kenichiro Kanao; Takayuki Arie; Seiji Akita
Tattoo Antenna Temporary Transfers Operating On-Skin (TATTOOS) BIBAKFull-Text 685-695
  James Tribe; Dumtoochukwu Oyeka; John Batchelor; Navjot Kaur; Diana Segura-Velandia; Andrew West; Robert Kay; Katia Vega; Will Whittow
Hairware: Designing Conductive Hair Extensions for Seamless Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 696-704
  Katia Vega; Ricardo Aucelio; Hugo Fuks
Commiticator: Enhancing Non-verbal Communication by Means of Magnetic Vision BIBAKFull-Text 705-714
  Anne Wiedau; Daniel Gilgen; Raune Frankjær; Tristan Goerlich; Michael Wiedau