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Behaviour and Information Technology 12

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 4
  5. BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 5
  6. BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 6

BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 1

Editorial BIB i-ii
  Tom Stewart
Simplifying Graphics-Based Data: Applying the Fisheye Lens Viewing Strategy BIBA 1-16
  Deborah Mitta; David Gunning
Investigating Touchscreen Typing: The Effect of Keyboard Size on Typing Speed BIBA 17-22
  Andrew Sears; Doreen Revis; Janet Swatski; Rob Crittenden; Ben Shneiderman
Status Conspicuity, Peripheral Vision, and Text Editing BIBA 23-31
  Derek Scott
The Effects of Feedback on Performance and Retention of Skill for a Natural Language Interface BIBA 32-47
  Ann M. Bisantz; Joseph Sharit
Combining Natural Language with Direct Manipulation: The Conceptual Framework for a Hybrid Human-Computer Interface BIBAK 48-53
  Shinji Agou; Victor Raskin; Gavriel Salvendy
Electronic Point of Sale Scanning in Multiple Food Retailing: A Rebuttal to 'Scanning in the Supermarket: For Better or Worse?' BIB 54-64
  John Davison

BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 2

Editorial BIB i
  Tom Stewart

Special Issue: Human-Computer Interaction Research Agendas

Human-Computer Interaction Research Agendas BIB 67-68
  John Sibert; Gary Marchionini
Interaction Styles and Input/Output Devices BIB 69-79
  Robert J. K. Jacob; John J. Leggett; Brad A. Myers; Randy Pausch
Research Directions for User Interface Software Tools BIB 80-97
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen; James D. Foley; Scott E. Hudson; James Miller; Brad Myers
User Interface Development Processes and Methodologies BIB 98-114
  H. Rex Hartson; Deborah Boehm-Davis
Computer-Supported Co-Operative Work: Research Issues for the 90s BIB 115-129
  Judith S. Olson; Stuart K. Card; Thomas K. Landauer; Gary M. Olson; Thomas Malone; John Leggett
Building HCI Partnerships and Infrastructure BIBA 130-135
  Ben Shneiderman; Clayton Lewis

BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 3

Editorial BIB i-ii
  Tom Stewart

User Interface Evaluation Methods

Evaluation of User Interfaces: EVADIS II -- A Comprehensive Evaluation Approach BIBAK 137-148
  Harald Reiterer; Reinhard Oppermann
Sleuthing in HyperHolmes: An Evaluation of Using Hypertext vs. a Book to Answer Questions BIBA 149-164
  Laura Marie Leventhal; Barbee Mynatt Teasley; Keith Instone; Diane Schertler Rohlman; John Farhat
Computer Assistance in Design Engineering BIBA 165-173
  Yvonne Wærn; Karl-Gustaf Wærn

Review -- Visual Search

Visual Search in Modern Human-Computer Interfaces BIBAK 174-189
  Derek Scott


Solutioneering in User Interface Design BIBA 190-193
  Harold Thimbleby; Will Thimbleby
Can Information Technology Improve the Quality of Democracy? BIBA 194-195
  Edwin Bos

BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 4

Editorial BIB i-ii
  Tom Stewart

Computing for Older Users

Computer Communication as an Aid to Independence for Older Adults BIBA 197-207
  Sara J. Czaja; Jose H. Guerrier; Sankaran N. Nair; Thomas K. Landauer
Sound Effects as an Interface Element for Older Users BIBAK 208-215
  Jakob Nielsen; Lynn Schaefer

Supporting Executive Decisions

Executive Support Systems in Strategic Environmental Information Processing BIBA 216-227
  Pien Wang; Efraim Turban
A Transaction Cost View of Decision Support Systems BIBAK 228-237
  Reima Suomi
Decision-Making in Management Information Systems Research: The Utility of Policy Capturing Methodology BIBA 238-248
  Joseph J. Martocchio; Jane Webster; Charles R. Baker

Assessing Visual Display Quality

An Instrument for the Measurement of the Visual Quality of Displays BIBA 249-260
  Gerd P. J. Spenkelink; Ko Besuijen; Jacco Brok

BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 5

Editorial BIB i-ii
  Tom Stewart

Social Aspects of Information Technology

Social Systems that Marginalize the Psychological and Organizational Aspects of Information Technology BIBA 261-266
  Chris W. Clegg
Social and Psychological Aspects of Computer-Aided Design Systems BIBA 267-275
  Svante Hovmark; Margareta Norell
Social Isolation and Integration in Electronic Environments BIBA 276-283
  Lilas H. Taha; Barrett S. Caldwell

Users with 'Attitude'

Computer User Training and Attitudes: A Study of Business Undergraduates BIBAK 284-292
  Gholamreza Torkzadeh; Xenophon Koufteros
Effects of Hedonic Components and User's Gender on the Acceptance of Screen-Based Information Services BIBA 293-303
  Norbert Mundorf; Stu Westin; Nikhilesh Dholakia
Expertise Transfer, Knowledge Elicitation, and Delayed Recall in a Design Context BIBAK 304-314
  Nathalie Bonnardel

BIT 1993 Volume 12 Issue 6

Editorial BIB i-ii
  Tom Stewart
The History and Future of Direct Manipulation BIBA 315-329
  David M. Frohlich
Short Term Memory Demands in Processing Synthetic Speech by Old and Young Adults BIBA 330-335
  Janan Al-Awar Smither
Future Assessment by Metaphors BIBA 336-345
  August Tepper
Nine- to Fourteen-Year-Old Children's Conception of Computers Using Drawings BIBA 346-358
  Pearl Denham
External Power Frequency Magnetic Field-Induced Jitter on Computer Monitors BIBAK 359-363
  Monica Sandstrom; Kjell Hansson Mild; Mattias Sandstrom; Andre Berglund