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Behaviour and Information Technology 10

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 4
  5. BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 5
  6. BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 6

BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1
  Tom Stewart

Understanding Users' Understanding

A Descriptive Study of Mental Models BIBA 3-21
  Stephen J. Payne
Fuzzy Sets Based Knowledge Systems and Knowledge Elicitation BIBA 23-40
  C. Santamarina; G. Salvendy
Flow Representation of Plant Processes for Fault Diagnosis BIBA 41-52
  N. Praetorius; K. D. Duncan
Confidence and Accuracy in Judgements Using Computer Displayed Information BIBA 53-64
  Tarun Sen; Warren J. Boe

Evaluating Interactive Computer Systems

A Framework for Human Factors Evaluation BIBA 65-79
  Andy Whitefield; Frank Wilson; John Dowell
A Survey of the Training of Computer Users in Swedish Companies BIBA 81-90
  Tomas Kalen; Carl Martin Allwood

BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 2

Editorial BIB i-iii
  Tom Stewart

Organizational Constraints on the Use of Informational Technology

Managerial Competence and New Technology: Don't Shoot the Piano Player -- He's Doing His Best BIBA 91-109
  Bernard Burnes

Research Issues in Object-Oriented Interfaces

The Learnability of HyperCard as an Object-Oriented Programming System BIBA 111-120
  Jakob Nielsen; Ida Frehr; Hans Olav Nymand
Object-Oriented versus Bit-Mapped Graphics Interfaces; Performance and Preference Differences for Typical Applications BIBA 121-147
  Michael F. Mohageg
Self-Describing Animated Icons for Human-Computer Interaction: A Research Note BIBA 149-152
  Sherman R. Alpert

Case Study -- Assumptions in Electronic Mail Use

Rationalist Assumptions in Cross-Media Comparisons of Computer-Mediated Communication BIBA 153-172
  Martin Lea

BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 3

Editorial BIB i-ii
  Tom Stewart

Experimental Studies in HCI

Characterizing the Program Design Activity: Neither Strictly Top-Down Nor Globally Opportunistic BIBA 173-190
  Simon P. Davies
Visual Discrimination of Colour VDTs at Two Viewing Distances BIBA 191-205
  Hew H. Young; James T. Miller

Surveys of Computer Impact

Reciprocal Effects between Organizational Culture and the Implementation of an Office Communication System: A Case Study BIBA 207-218
  Gudela Grote; Christof Baitsch
The Costs and Benefits of 'Computer Addiction' BIBA 219-230
  Margaret A. Shotton

Models of Computer-Supported Work

The Roles of Computerized Support Systems: A Decision Subprocess-Based Analysis BIBA 231-252
  Varghese S. Jacob; Ramakrishnan Pakath


Comments from the Sidelines: Some Thougths on Research Networks and Network Research BIB 253-256
  Liam J. Bannon

BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 4

Editorial BIB i-ii
  Tom Stewart

Simplifying Complex HCI Issues by Experiment

Reading and Skimming from Computer Screens and Books: The Paperless Office Revisited? BIBA 257-266
  Paul Muter; Paula Maurutto
Human-Computer Interface Design and Implementation Details BIBA 267-280
  C. Ray Russell; Albert N. Badre
Group Processes in Face-to-Face and Computer Mediated Communication BIBA 281-296
  Lillemor Adrianson; Erland Hjelmquist
The Impact of Interface Customization on the Effect of Cognitive Style on Information System Success BIBA 297-310
  Boon Wan Tan; Tak Wah Lo

Developing Promising HCI Research Approaches

Language, Communication, Social Interaction and the Design of Human-Computer Interfaces BIBA 311-324
  Peter J. Thomas
Measurement of Stress to Gauge User Satisfaction with Features of the Computer Interface BIBA 325-343
  Paul M. Mullins; Siegfried Treu

BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 5

Editorial BIB i-ii
  Tom Stewart

Methodological Issues

A Methodological Note on Pitfalls in Usability Testing BIBA 345-357
  Patrick A. Holleran
Three Approaches to the Input of Human Factors in IT Systems Design: DIADEM, The HUFIT Toolset and the MOD/DTI Human Factors Guidelines BIBA 359-371
  Bernard J. Catterall

The Role of Knowledge in Human Computer Systems

Feedback as a Source of Control in Decision Support Systems: An Experiment with the Feedback Specificity BIBA 373-382
  Dov Te'eni
The Role of Domain Knowledge in Software Design BIBA 383-401
  Helen Sharp
Cognitive Engineering Based Knowledge Representation in Neural Networks BIBA 403-418
  Nong Ye; Gavriel Salvendy
Classifying Graphical Information BIBA 419-436
  Gerald Lohse; Neff Walker; Kevin Biolsi; Henry Rueter

Classifying Users

Defining the Novice User BIBA 437-441
  James Fisher

BIT 1991 Volume 10 Issue 6

Editorial BIB i-ii
  Tom Stewart

HCI Myth 1 -- 'A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words'

Assessing the Usability of Icons in User Interfaces BIBA 443-457
  Charles J. Kacmar; Jane M. Carey
Graphing in Depth: Perspectives on the Use of Three-Dimensional Graphs to Represent Lower-Dimensional Data BIBA 459-474
  C. Melody Carswell; Sylvia Frankenberger; Donald Bernhard

HCI Myth 2 -- 'Everyone Knows How to Use a Spreadsheet'

Measuring the Learnability of Spreadsheets in Inexperienced Users and Those with Previous Spreadsheet Experience BIBA 475-490
  Isobel Baxter; Keith Oatley
Learning Spreadsheets: Human Instruction vs. Computer-Based Instruction BIBA 491-500
  James O., Jr. Hicks; Sam A. Hicks; Tarun K. Sen

HCI Myth 3 -- 'Office Automation'

Office Automation and Users' Need for Support BIBA 501-514
  Yvonne Wærn; Nils Malmsten; Lars Oestreicher; Ann Hjalmarsson; Anita Gidlof-Gunnarsson

HCI Myth 4 -- 'There's Nothing More to Say about VDUs'

Visual Display Units versus Visual Computation BIBA 515-523
  Arnold J. Wilkins
Legibility of Video Display Units: One More Look BIBAK 525-542
  Marius A. Janson; Stephen J. Morrissey

Book Review

"Psychology of Programming," edited by J.-M. Hoc, T. R. G. Green, R. Samurcay and D. J. Gilmore BIB 543-544
  Kim Trans