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Proceedings of AUIC'14, Australasian User Interface Conference

Fullname:Proceedings of the 15th Australasian User Interface Conference -- Volume 150
Editors:Burkhard C. Wunsche; Stefan Marks
Location:Auckland, New Zealand
Dates:2014-Jan-22 to 2014-Jan-23
Standard No:hcibib: AUIC14; ISBN: 978-1-921770-33-3 ISSN: 1445-1336
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. Interfaces
  2. Virtual and Augmented Reality
  3. User Interaction and Usability
  4. Posters


Math Tutor: An Interactive Android-Based Numeracy Application for Primary Education BIBAKHTMLPDF 3-10
  Z. Masood; R. Hoda
Assessing the impact of a Clinical Audiology Simulator on first year students BIBAHTMLPDF 11-20
  A. Heitz; A. Dunser; C. Bartneck; J. Grady; C. Moran
Towards a 3D Sketch-Based Modelling API BIBAHTMLPDF 21-28
  Y. Zeng; Z. Song; B. C. Wunsche

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Ephemeral Interaction Using Everyday Objects BIBAKHTMLPDF 29-38
  J. A. Walsh; S. V. Itzstein; B. H. Thomas
Spatial Augmented Reality User Interface Techniques for Room Size Modelling Tasks BIBAHTMLPDF 39-46
  M. R. Marner; B. H. Thomas
Image Warping for Enhancing Consumer Applications of Head-mounted Displays BIBAHTMLPDF 47-56
  E. M. Peek; B. C. Wunsche; C. Lutteroth

User Interaction and Usability

Spatial Play Effects in a Tangible Game with an F-Formation of Multiple Players BIBAHTMLPDF 57-66
  M. Jungmann; R. Cox; G. Fitzpatrick
Refining Personal and Social Presence in Virtual Meetings BIBAKHTMLPDF 67-76
  J. Dean; M. Apperley; B. Rogers
Involving Geographically Distributed Users in the Design of an Interactive System BIBAHTMLPDF 77-86
  S. Luz; M. Masoodian


Depth Perception in View-Dependent Near-Field Spatial AR BIBAHTMLPDF 87-88
  M. Broecker; R. T. Smith; B. H. Thomas
Designing an Educational Tabletop Software for Children with Autism BIBAHTMLPDF 89-90
  V. Picardo; S. Metson; R. Hoda; R. Amor; A. Arnold-Saritepe; R. Sharp; A Brand D.
Effects of 3D Display Technologies on Spatial Memory BIBAHTMLPDF 91-92
  M. Mehrabi; C. Lutteroth; B. C. Wunsche
Scribbler -- Drawing Models in a Creative and Collaborative Environment: from Hand-Drawn Sketches to Domain Specific Models BIBAHTMLPDF 93-94
  M. Vogel; T. Warnecke; C. Bartelt; A. Rausch
Casual Mobile Screen Sharing BIBAKHTMLPDF 95-96
  J. Suppers; M. Apperley