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Proceedings of AUIC'13, Australasian User Interface Conference

Fullname:Proceedings of the 14th Australasian User Interface Conference -- Volume 139
Editors:Ross T. Smith; Burkhard C. Wunsche
Location:Adelaide, Australia
Dates:2013-Jan-29 to 2013-Feb-01
Standard No:hcibib: AUIC13; ISBN: 978-1-921770-24-1 ISSN: 1445-1336
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. Papers: Interfaces
  2. Papers: Evaluations
  3. Papers: Applications
  4. Posters

Papers: Interfaces

Tangible Agile Mapping: Ad-hoc Tangible User Interaction Definition BIBAKHTMLPDF 3-12
  J. A. Walsh; S. T. Itzstein; B. H. Thomas
vsInk -- Integrating Digital Ink with Program Code in Visual Studio BIBAHTML 13-22
  C. J. Sutherland; B. Plimmer
Supporting Informed Decision-Making under Uncertainty and Risk through Interactive Visualisation BIBAHTML 23-32
  M. Daradkeh; C. Churcher; A. McKinnon
Metadata Manipulation Interface Design BIBAHTML 33-42
  S. Dekeyser; R. Watson

Papers: Evaluations

Understanding the Management and Need For Awareness of Temporal Information in Email BIBAHTML 43-52
  N. Singh; M. Tomitsch; M. L. Maher
An Online Social-Networking Enabled Telehealth System for Seniors -- A Case Study BIBAHTML 53-62
  J. S. Dhillon; B. C. Wünsche; C. Lutteroth
Validating Constraint Driven Design Techniques in Spatial Augmented Reality BIBAHTML 63-72
  A. Irlitti; S. V. Itzstein
Music Education using Augmented Reality with a Head Mounted Display BIBAHTML 73-80
  J. Chow; H. Feng; R. Amor; B. C. Wunsche

Papers: Applications

A Tale of Two Studies BIBAHTML 81-90
  J. Bowen; S. Reeves; A. Schweer
Making 3D Work: A Classification of Visual Depth Cues, 3D Display Technologies and Their Applications BIBAHTML 91-100
  M. Mehrabi; E. M. Peek; B. C. Wuensche; C. Lutteroth
An Investigation of Usability Issues in AJAX based Web Sites BIBAHTML 101-110
  C. Pilgrim
Determining the Relative Benefits of Pairing Virtual Reality Displays with Applications BIBAHTML 111-120
  E. M. Peek; B. Wünsche; C. Lutteroth


An Ethnographic Study of a High Cognitive Load Driving Environment BIBAHTML 121-122
  R. Wellington; S. Marks
Experimental Study of Steer-by-Wire Ratios and Response Curves in a Simulated High Speed Vehicle BIBAHTML 123-124
  S. Marks; R. Wellington
3D Object Surface Tracking Using Partial Shape Templates Trained from a Depth Camera for Spatial Augmented Reality Environments BIBAHTML 125-126
  K. Tsuboi; Y. Oyamada; M. Sugimoto; H. Saito
My Personal Trainer -- An iPhone Application for Exercise Monitoring and Analysis BIBAHTML 127-128
  C. R. Greeff; J. Yang; B. MacDonald; B. C. Wunsche
Interactive vs. Static Location-based Advertisements BIBAHTML 129-130
  M. Raijmakers; S. Shahid; O. Mubin
Temporal Evaluation of Aesthetics of User Interfaces as one Component of User Experience BIBAHTML 131-132
  M. Vogel