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Proceedings of AUIC'12, Australasian User Interface Conference

Fullname:Proceedings of the 13th Australasian Conference on User Interfaces -- Volume 126
Editors:Haifeng Shen; Ross T. Smith
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Dates:2012-Jan-30 to 2012-Feb-02
Standard No:hcibib: AUIC12; ISBN: 978-1-921770-07-4
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Website Navigation Tools -- A Decade of Design Trends 2002 to 2011 BIBAHTML 3-10
  C. J. Pilgrim
Leveraging Human Movement in the Ultimate Display BIBAHTML 11-20
  R. McAdam; K. Nesbitt
Website accessibility: An Australian view BIBAHTML 21-28
  J. Grantham; E. Grantham; D. Powers
Merging Tangible Buttons and Spatial Augmented Reality to Support Ubiquitous Prototype Designs BIBAHTML 29-38
  Tim M. Simon; Ross T. Smith; Bruce Thomas; Stewart Von Itzstein; Mark Smith; Joonsuk Park; Jun Park
A Virtual Touchscreen with Depth Recognition BIBAHTML 39-48
  G. Hartmann; B. Wünsche
Evaluating Indigenous Design Features Using Cultural Dimensions BIBAHTML 49-58
  R. George; K. Nesbitt; M. Donovan; J. Maynard
Enhancing 3D Applications Using Stereoscopic 3D and Motion Parallax BIBAHTML 59-68
  I. K. Y. Li; E. M. Peek; B. C. Wünsche; C. Lutteroth
An Evaluation of a Sketch-Based Model-by-Example Approach for Crowd Modelling BIBAHTML 69-76
  L. Guan; B. C. Wünsche
Supporting Freeform Modelling in Spatial Augmented Reality Environments with a New Deformable Material BIBAHTML 77-86
  E. T. A. Maas; M. R. Marner; R. T. Smith; B. H. Thomas


Service History: The Challenge of the 'Back button' in Mobile Context-aware Systems BIBAHTML 89-90
  A. Hinze; K. Müller; G. Buchanan
An investigation of factors driving virtual communities BIBAHTML 91-92
  J. Grantham; C. Habel
Feasibility of Computational Estimation of Task-Oriented Visual Attention BIBAHTML 93-94
  Y. Nakahira; M. Nakayama
Magnetic Substrate for use with Tangible Spatial Augmented Reality in Rapid Prototyping Work BIBAHTML 95-96
  T. M. Simon; R. T. Smith
Data Mining Office Behavioural Information from Simple Sensors BIBAKHTMLPDF 97-98
  Samuel J. O'Malley; Ross T. Smith; Bruce H. Thomas