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Proceedings of AUIC'00, Australasian User Interface Conference

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1st Australasian conference on User interface
Editors:Paul Calder; Michael Rees
Location:Canberra, Australia
Dates:2000-Jan-31 to 2000-Feb-03
Standard No:ISBN: 0-7695-0515-5; hcibib: AUIC00
Breaking the Copy/Paste Cycle: The Stretchable Selection Tool BIBAKHTML 3-10
  Mark Apperley; Dale Fletcher; William J. Rogers
Finger Tracking for the Digital Desk BIBAKHTML 11-16
  Thomas Brown; Richard C. Thomas
Developing Adaptable User Interfaces for Component-Based Systems BIBAKHTML 17-25
  John C. Grundy; John G. Hosking
EMCE: A Multimodal Environment Augmenting Conferencing Experiences BIBAKHTML 26-32
  Arna Ionescu; Luc Julia
Stepping into Cooperative Buildings BIBAHTML 33-40
  Simon M. Kaplan; Geraldine Fitzpatrick; Michael Docherty
Applying Ecological Interface Design to Experimental Apparatus Used to Monitor a Refrigeration Plant BIBAKHTML 41-48
  Pat Lehane; Mark Toleman; John Benecke
WAP Enabling Existing HTML Applications BIBAKHTML 49-57
  Marcin Metter; Robert M. Colomb
Exploring Visualizations through Subspace Composition BIBAKHTML 58-66
  Rajehndra Nagappan
Activity Breakdowns in QuickTime Virtual Reality Environments BIBAHTML 67-72
  Brian E. Norris; William B. L. Wong
Visual Gesture Interfaces for Virtual Environments BIBAKHTML 73-80
  Rochelle O'Hagan; Alexander Zelinsky
Task and Dialogue Modeling: Bridging the Divide with Lean Cuisine+ BIBAKHTML 81-87
  Chris Phillips; Chris Scogings
User Interfaces for Lightweight In-Line Editing of Web Pages BIBAKHTML 88-94
  Michael J. Rees
The Metaphor of the Face as an Interface for Communicating Non-Quantitative Information BIBAKHTML 95-102
  Simeon J. Simoff; Fay Sudweeks
BUS: A Browser Based User Interface Service for Web Based Applications BIBAKHTML 103-109
  Michael O. Sweeney
Evaluation of Animation Effects to Improve Indirect Manipulation BIBAKHTML 110-117
  Bruce H. Thomas; Victor Demczuk
Supporting Special-Purpose Health Care Models via Web Interfaces BIBAKHTML 118-125
  James R. Warren; Heath K. Frankel; Joseph T. Noone; Berend-Jan van der Zwaag
(Focus + Context)3: Distortion-Oriented Displays in Three Dimensions BIBAKHTML 126-133
  Donovan Winch; Paul R. Calder; Raymond Smith
Question-Driven Classification of Retrieved Documents BIBAKHTML 134-140
  Mingfang Wu; Ross Wilkinson; Michael Fuller
Programming without a Computer: A New Interface for Children under Eight BIBAKHTML 141-148
  Peta Wyeth; Helen C. Purchase