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SocInfo: International Conference on Social Informatics

IdentifiersC.SocInfo - DBLP
DescriptionThe two perspectives of study: of social sciences that consider the impact of ICT on social behavior, and of social informatics that considers how ICT can be improved to realize social goals, are two sides of one coin. Social informatics can and must base its research on findings from the social sciences. On the other hand, social science can find applications for its theoretical findings for improvements of ICT technology. These applications already have a real business value today, for example, in software for the support and management of virtual teamwork, available from many major ICT technology companies. Using the Internet as a source of information about social phenomena also has a real business value, as many e-marketing companies attempt to base their analyses on Web mining. The conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo) has been launched as an attempt to bring together representatives of computer science and the social sciences, recognizing that Social Informatics is an interdisciplinary domain.

The interdisciplinary makeup of the conference is reflected in the Program Committee that includes both computer scientists and social scientists. All articles submitted for the conference have received reviews from specialists from both domains. Authors of accepted papers also have backgrounds in computer science and the social sciences. This emphasis on balancing the inputs of computer scientists and social scientists is motivated by the desire to make the conference a meeting place between the two disciplines.

Edition Year Dates Location Website HCIBib Links Papers Pages
2 2010 10-27 / 10-29 Laxenburg, Austria 17 249
3 2011 10-06 / 10-08 Singapore 44 342
4 2012 12-05 / 12-07 Lausanne, Switzerland 42 560
5 2013 11-25 Kyoto, Japan 11 143
5 5 2013 2013 Kyoto, Japan Kyoto, Japan 11 41 143 494
6 2014 10-11 / 10-13 Barcelona, Spain 39 574