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SGDA: International Conference on Serious Games Development and Applications

IdentifiersC.SGDA - DBLP
DescriptionThe aim of the annual International Conference on Serious Games Development and Applications (SGDA) is to disseminate and exchange knowledge on serious games technologies, game design and development; to provide practitioners and interdisciplinary communities with a peer-reviewed forum to discuss the state of the art in serious games research, their ideas and theories, and innovative applications of serious games; to explain cultural, social and scienti?c phenomena by means of serious games; to concentrate on the interaction between theory and application; to share best practice and lessons learnt; to develop new methodologies in various application domains using games technologies; to explore perspectives of future developments and innovative applications relevant to serious games and related areas; and to establish and foster a cross-sector and cross-disciplinary network of researchers, game developers, practitioners, domain experts, and students interested in serious games.
Edition Year Dates Location Website HCIBib Links Papers Pages
2 2011 09-19 / 09-20 Lisbon, Portugal 13 147
3 2012 09-26 / 09-29 Bremen, Germany 22 269
4 2013 09-25 / 09-27 Trondheim, Norway 32 321
5 2014 10-09 / 10-10 Berlin, Germany 18 227