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ICMI: International Conference on Multimodal Interaction

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IdentifiersACM-DL - C.ICMI - DBLP C.GazeIn Workshop on Eye Gaze in Intelligent Human Machine Interaction C.MMRWHRI Workshop on Multimodal, Multi-Party, Real-World Human-Robot Interaction C.ERM4HCI Workshop on Emotion Representation and Modelling in Human-Computer Interaction Systems
DescriptionThe main aim of ICMI-MLMI is to further scientific research within the broad field of multimodal interaction, methods, and systems, focusing on major trends and challenges, and working towards identifying a roadmap for future research and commercial success.
NotesFormerly IEEE International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces Starting 2011, Multimodal Interfaces sometimes appeared as Multimodal Interaction ACM DL citation rate: 3.75 (2014)
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3 2014 11-16 Istanbul, Turkey 10 32