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Inputs-Outputs: Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Causality in Engagement, Immersion, and Presence in Performance and Human-Computer Interaction

DescriptionThe title Inputs/Outputs concerns the interaction between 'sender' and 'receiver'. Inputs can be computer games, immersive theatre productions, novels, music, and classroom lessons; examples of outputs are emotions, memories, neural activities, physiological changes, and motivated behaviours.

The Inputs-Outputs conference brought together an interdisciplinary spectrum of academics from science and media, performance art and game design practitioners to facilitate discussion and collaboration around the subject of engagement:

  • Approaches to engendering engagement in the arts and HCI
  • The relationship between physical, emotional, and intellectual engagement
  • Results from assessment and quantification of engagement in different fields
  • Methodologies and modalities for measuring engagement in different fields
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    1 2013 06-26 Brighton, United Kingdom 9