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ITAP: International Conference on Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population

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IdentifiersC.ITAP - DBLP
DescriptionIndicative topics/keywords of the broad spectrum of issues to be addressed:
  • Aging and Technology Acceptance
  • Generational Differences in IT Use
  • Training the Elderly in the Use of IT
  • Elderly-Specific Web Design
  • Involving the Elderly in E-Commerce and Virtual Community
  • Robotic Technology and the Elderly
  • Handheld Devices for the Elderly
  • Use and Design of Smart Phones for the Elderly
  • Wearable Technologies for the Elderly
  • Technology for the Elderly's Leisure and Entertainment
  • Multimedia Design for the Elderly
  • Appliance Design and the Elderly
  • Health Care Technologies and Services for the Elderly
  • Medication Adherence and Aging
  • Surveillance and Alert System for the Elderly
  • Elderly-Friendly Work Environment
  • Aging and Pilot Performance
  • Mobility and Transportation Services for the Elderly
  • Aging and Driving Safety
  • Accommodations for Aging-in-Place
  • Aging and Social Media
  • Aging and Ubiquitous Computing
  • Natural Language Interface for the Elderly
  • Gerontechnology across Cultures and Disciplines
  • Involving the Elderly in HCI Methodology
  • Technologies which Support Memory Retrieval
  • Collaborative Machine Assistance and Robotics
  • Persuasive Technology and the Elderly
  • NotesHeld as part of the HCI International Conference
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    1 2015 08-02 / 08-07 Los Angeles, California 1 51 540
    1 2015 08-02 / 08-07 Los Angeles, California 2 49 544