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MM: ACM Conference on Multimedia

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IdentifiersACM-DL - C.MM - DBLP C.AVEC Workshop on Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge C.CrowdMM Workshop on Crowdsourcing for Multimedia C.HuEvent Workshop on Human Centered Event Understanding from Multimedia C.ImmersiveMe Workshop on Immersive Media Experiences C.SAM Workshop on Socially-Aware Multimedia C.SeriousGames Workshop on Serious Games
DescriptionMultimedia (MM) is the premier annual multimedia event which encompasses all aspects of multimedia computing: from underlying technologies to applications, from theory to practice, and from servers to networks to end-user devices. The conference presents and explores technological and artistic advancements in multimedia. Technical issues, theory and practice, artistic and consumer innovations bring together researchers, artists, developers, educators, performers, and practitioners of multimedia.
NotesACM DL citation rate: 5.24 (2014)
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1 2014 11-07 Orlando, Florida 9 48