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DUX: Conference on Designing for User Experiences

IdentifiersACM-DL - C.DUX - DBLP
DescriptionDUX2003 recognizes that design for user experience is a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary undertaking that requires the participation of many disciplines and professionals in order to deeply understand who users are, what a quality user experience is and how to deliver and execute design that truly meets user needs and goals. This conference will look at all facets of the product/service development lifecycle and at other facets of a business as decisions are made that affect the user experience. The results from the conference will add to the growing body of knowledge and best practices in design for user experience.
NotesACM DL citation rate: 3.64 (2014)
Edition Year Dates Location Website HCIBib Links Papers Pages
1 2003 06-06 / 06-07 San Francisco, California 33 301
2 2005 11-03 / 11-05 San Francisco, California 59 693
3 2007 11-05 / 11-07 Chicago, Illinois 27 279