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DESIRE: Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Design

LinkDesire Network
DescriptionDESIRE is an Initial Training Network funded by the European Comission, Framework 7 under Marie Curie Programme.

The network aims to make theoretical contributions to the field of creative design by bringing together expertise in human computer interaction, psychology, arts and design. The network aims to advance our understanding of creativedesign processes applied in the scientific and technological problem solving.

This will lead to the elaboration of:

  • theories and models of creative processes in general, and those involved in creative problem solving in particular
  • methods, techniques and systems to support both creative design processes and creativity training Desire offers an attractive training programme to 13 researchers consisting in expert research supervision by world leading researchers, access to training courses on foundation and advanced topics in creative design, access to complementary training and industrial secondments within network's over 10 industrial partners, as well as participation to networks' summers schools and conferences.
  • NotesCreative Design for Innovation in Science and Technology
    Edition Year Dates Location Website HCIBib Links Papers Pages
    1 2010 08-16 / 08-17 Aarhus University, Denmark 24 188
    2 2011 10-19 / 10-21 Eindhoven, Netherlands 53 447