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CHIMIT: Computer Human Interaction for the Management of Information Technology

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IdentifiersACM-DL - C.CHIMIT - DBLP
DescriptionInformation Technology (IT) is central to modern life. From our homes to our largest enterprises, we are surrounded by software and hardware systems that support our work and personal lives: wireless access points, network routers, firewalls, virus scanners, databases, web servers, storage and backup systems, etc. These systems exist to allow us to work, communicate, and provide value to society in general by supporting us manage inventory, interact with friends or customers, or sell products through websites. Yet all too often, managing the underlying IT infrastructure takes time and resources away from the real work at hand. The size and complexity of modern infrastructures is increasing rapidly, and successful systems management involves a complex blend of technical and human issues. We are now at a turning point where further advances in technology, business efficiency and growth require fundamentally new approaches to IT system design, management, and services.

The CHIMIT symposium has been held annually since 2007 and it provides a unique opportunity for researchers and practitioners to meet and share issues, solutions, and research in this area. It is intended to foster collaboration between researchers in fields such as human-computer interaction, human factors, and management and service sciences, and practitioners in the management of large IT systems.

NotesACM DL citation rate: 2.68 (2014)
Edition Year Dates Location Website HCIBib Links Papers Pages
1 2007 03-30 / 03-31 Cambridge, Massachusetts 22 124
2 2008 11-14 / 11-15 San Diego, California 14 82
3 2009 11-07 / 11-08 Baltimore, Maryland 12 70
4 2010 11-12 / 11-13 San Jose, California 7 61
5 2011 12-04 / 12-05 Cambridge, Massachusetts 5 49