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This page shows members of the CHI Academy. "The CHI Academy is an honorary group of individuals who have made extensive contributions to the study of HCI and who have led the shaping of the field." Source: SIGCHI Awards Page.

See also: Most Frequent Authors in HCI.

Name Induction Year(s) Publications
Gregory Abowd 2008 Search: Gregory Abowd
Mark Ackerman 2009 Search: Mark Ackerman
Ronald M. Baecker 2005 Search: Ronald M. Baecker
Ravin Balakrishnan 2011 Search: Ravin Balakrishnan
Patrick Baudisch 2013 Search: Patrick Baudisch
Michel Beaudouin-Lafon 2006 Search: Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
Ben Bederson 2012 Search: Ben Bederson
Victoria Bellotti 2013 Search: Victoria Bellotti
Steve Benford 2012 Search: Steve Benford
Susanne Bødker 2010 Search: Susanne Bødker
Stephen Brewster 2015 Search: Stephen Brewster
Margaret Burbnett 2016 Search: Margaret Burbnett
Bill Buxton 2002  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2008) Search: Bill Buxton
Stuart K. Card 2001  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2000) Search: Stuart K. Card
John M. Carroll 2002  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2003) Search: John M. Carroll
Elizabeth F. Churchill 2016 Search: Elizabeth F. Churchill
Andy Cockburn 2015 Search: Andy Cockburn
Joëlle Coutaz 2007 Search: Joëlle Coutaz
Mary Czerwinski 2010 Search: Mary Czerwinski
Anind K. Dey 2015 Search: Anind K. Dey
Alan Dix 2013 Search: Alan Dix
Paul Dourish 2008 Search: Paul Dourish
Susan Dray 2014  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2015) Search: Susan Dray
Allison Druin 2016 Search: Allison Druin
Hugh Dubberly 2012 Search: Hugh Dubberly
Susan Dumais 2005 Search: Susan Dumais
Ernest Edmonds 2015 Search: Ernest Edmonds
Keith Edwards 2014 Search: Keith Edwards
Douglas C. Engelbart 2002  (Lifetime Achievement Award 1998) Search: Douglas C. Engelbart
Steven Feiner 2011 Search: Steven Feiner
Gerhard Fischer 2007 Search: Gerhard Fischer
James D. Foley 2001  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2007) Search: James D. Foley
Jodi Forlizzi 2014 Search: Jodi Forlizzi
George Furnas 2004 Search: George Furnas
Susan R. Fussell 2016 Search: Susan R. Fussell
Bill Gaver 2009 Search: Bill Gaver
John Gould 2005 Search: John Gould
Thomas Green 2003 Search: Thomas Green
Saul Greenberg 2005 Search: Saul Greenberg
Rebecca E. Grinter 2013 Search: Rebecca E. Grinter
Jonathan Grudin 2004 Search: Jonathan Grudin
Yves Guiard 2016 Search: Yves Guiard
Carl Gutwin 2012 Search: Carl Gutwin
Richard Harper 2014 Search: Richard Harper
Austin Henderson 2010 Search: Austin Henderson
Ken Hinckley 2014 Search: Ken Hinckley
James D. Hollan 2003  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2015) Search: James D. Hollan
Karen Holtzblatt 2007  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2010) Search: Karen Holtzblatt
Eric Horvitz 2013 Search: Eric Horvitz
Scott Hudson 2006 Search: Scott Hudson
Hiroshi Ishii 2006 Search: Hiroshi Ishii
Robert J. K. Jacob 2007 Search: Robert J. K. Jacob
Bonnie John 2005 Search: Bonnie John
Jeff Johnson 2014  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2016) Search: Jeff Johnson
Wendy Kellogg 2008 Search: Wendy Kellogg
David Kieras 2010 Search: David Kieras
Sara Kiesler 2002  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2009) Search: Sara Kiesler
Joseph Konstan 2011 Search: Joseph Konstan
Robert E. Kraut 2003  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2016) Search: Robert E. Kraut
Morten Kyng 2001 Search: Morten Kyng
Thomas K. Landauer 2002  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2005) Search: Thomas K. Landauer
James Landay 2011 Search: James Landay
Clayton Lewis 2009 Search: Clayton Lewis
Arnie Lund 2010 Search: Arnie Lund
Scott MacKenzie 2015 Search: Scott MacKenzie
Wendy Mackay 2009 Search: Wendy Mackay
Aaron Marcus 2009 Search: Aaron Marcus
Gary Marsden 2014 Search: Gary Marsden
Andrew Monk 2005 Search: Andrew Monk
Thomas P. Moran 2001  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2004) Search: Thomas P. Moran
S. Joy Mountford 2012  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2012) Search: S. Joy Mountford
Brad Myers 2004 Search: Brad Myers
Elizabeth Mynatt 2009 Search: Elizabeth Mynatt
Bonnie Nardi 2013 Search: Bonnie Nardi
Alan F. Newell 2012 Search: Alan F. Newell
William Newman 2004 Search: William Newman
Jakob Nielsen 2006  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2013) Search: Jakob Nielsen
Donald A. Norman 2001  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2002) Search: Donald A. Norman
Dan Olsen 2004  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2012) Search: Dan Olsen
Gary M. Olson 2003  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2016) Search: Gary M. Olson
Judith S. Olson 2001  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2006) Search: Judith S. Olson
Sharon Oviatt 2015 Search: Sharon Oviatt
Leysia Palen 2016 Search: Leysia Palen
Randy Pausch 2008 Search: Randy Pausch
Peter Pirolli 2006 Search: Peter Pirolli
Catherine Plaisant 2015 Search: Catherine Plaisant
Peter G. Polson 2003 Search: Peter G. Polson
Jenny Preece 2011 Search: Jenny Preece
Jun Rekimoto 2007 Search: Jun Rekimoto
George Robertson 2006  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2013) Search: George Robertson
Tom Rodden 2009 Search: Tom Rodden
Yvonne Rogers 2012 Search: Yvonne Rogers
Mary Beth Rosson 2008 Search: Mary Beth Rosson
Saniel M. Russell 2016 Search: Saniel M. Russell
Christopher Schmandt 2007 Search: Christopher Schmandt
Abi Sellen 2011 Search: Abi Sellen
Brian Shackel 2004 Search: Brian Shackel
Ben Shneiderman 2001  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2001) Search: Ben Shneiderman
John Stasko 2016 Search: John Stasko
Lucy A. Suchman 2002  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2010) Search: Lucy A. Suchman
John Tang 2014 Search: John Tang
Larry Tesler 2010  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2011) Search: Larry Tesler
Thomas S. Tullis 2013 Search: Thomas S. Tullis
Bill Verplank 2015 Search: Bill Verplank
Steve Whittaker 2008  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2014) Search: Steve Whittaker
Terry Winograd 2004  (Lifetime Achievement Award 2011) Search: Terry Winograd
Dennis Wixon 2011 Search: Dennis Wixon
Shumin Zhai 2010 Search: Shumin Zhai
Clarisse de Souza 2013 Search: Clarisse de Souza
Name Induction Year(s) Publications