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interactions 6

Editors:Steven Pemberton
Standard No:ISSN 1072-5520
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  1. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 2
  3. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 3
  4. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 4
  5. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 5
  6. INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 6

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 4
  Steven Pemberton; Jay Blickstein
What's happening BIBPDF 7-8
  Jennifer Bruer
Methods tools: design methodology and design practice BIBPDF 13-20
  Jonas Lowgren; Erik Stolterman
Design: Cultural probes BIBPDF 21-29
  Bill Gaver; Tony Dunne; Elena Pacenti
Introduction to special section on contextual design BIBPDF 30-31
  Karen Holtzblatt
Contextual design BIBPDF 32-42
  Hugh Beyer; Karen Holtzblatt
Communicating customer information at Cabletron Systems, Inc. BIBPDF 44-49
  Teresa Cleary
Customer connection creates a winning product: building success with contextual techniques BIBPDF 50-57
  Chris Rockwell
Instituting integrated workflow development BIBPDF 58-69
  John Ims
Book preview BIBPDF 73-75
  Jennifer Bruer
Conference preview: Hypertext '99; WACC '99 BIBPDF 77-80
  Jennifer Bruer

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 2

Bringing participatory design to practical application: the interrelation between LCD projection, facilitation, and participatory design BIBPDF 13-22
  Johannes Gartner; Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger
Design through matchmaking: technology in search of users BIBPDF 23-31
  Sara Bly; Elizabeth F. Churchill
The HCI bibliography: ten years old, but what's it done for me lately? BIBAKPDFHTML 32-35
  Gary Perlman
The idea for a free-access online bibliography on human-computer interaction, which resulted in the HCI Bibliography, is over ten years old. Although it started slowly, the HCI Bibliography has grown to over 18,000 entries, most with abstracts, with over 4000 links to full text. Now, with its own web site at www.hcibib.org and its own search service, the HCI Bibliography serves as a central repository for HCI information on the Web (with entries for about 800 Internet resources) and off (with entries for about 400 books over 15 conferences and over 10 major journals). This article (1) summarizes the history of the HCI Bibliography, (2) describes its current holdings, web site, and search service, and (3) considers how and why to offer a free service.
Keywords: Human-computer interaction, Bibliography, Bibliographic information retrieval, World-Wide Web, Full text retrieval, Expert system, Search assistance, Query language usability, Compulsive gathering of information
HCI standards: a mixed blessing BIBPDF 36-42
  Elizabeth Buie

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 3

Editorial BIBPDF 4
  Steven Pemberton
What's happening BIBPDF 7-8
  Jennifer Bruer
Research alerts BIBPDF 9-11
  Jennifer Bruer
Computer-human interface solutions for emergency medical care BIBPDF 13-24
  Thomas G. Holzman
Business: penny-wise, pound-wise: making smart trade-offs in planning usability studies BIBPDF 25-30
  Susan M. Dray; David A. Siegel
Using the cognitive walkthrough for operating procedures BIBPDF 31-37
  David G. Novick
Affordance, conventions, and design BIBPDF 38-43
  Donald A. Norman
Information in space: explorations in media and architecture BIBPDF 44-57
  Dick Rijken
Book preview BIBPDF 59-61
  Jennifer Bruer
Conference preview BIBPDF 65-67
  Jennifer Bruer

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 4

Editorial BIBPDF 4
  Jay Blickstein
What's happening BIBPDF 7-8
  Jennifer Bruer
Research alerts BIBPDF 9-12
  Jennifer Bruer
Business: a day-in-the-life of a customer centered design consultant BIBPDF 13-16
  Deborah Mrazek; Amy Silverman
Design: Expressing experiences in design BIBPDF 17-25
  Bill Moggridge
Methods & tools: The activity checklist: a tool for representing the "space" of context BIBPDF 27-29
  Victor Kaptelinin; Bonnie A. Nardi; Catriona Macaulay
The checklist in the field BIBPDF 30-31
  Catriona Macaulay
Art teams up with technology through the net BIBPDF 40-50
  Marco Padula; Amanda Reggiori
Mission-critical web applications: a seismological case BIBPDF 52-66
  Marco Padula; Giuliana Rubbia Rinaldi
Book preview BIBPDF 67
  Jennifer Bruer
Conference preview: SIGGRAPH 99 BIBPDF 71-76
  Jennifer Bruer

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 5

Editorial BIBPDF 4
  Steven Pemberton; Jay Blickstein
What's happening BIBPDF 7-16
  Jennifer Bruer
Research alerts BIBPDF 17-22
  Jennifer Bruer
Design: Designing mobile phones and communicators for consumer needs at Nokia BIBPDF 23-26
  Kaisa Vaananen-Vainio-Mattila; Satu Ruuska
Business: Strategic development of the usability engineering function BIBPDF 27-34
  Deborah J. Mayhew
Methods & tools: Playacting and focus troupes: theater techniques for creating quick, intense, immersive, and engaging focus group sessions BIBPDF 35-41
  Steve Sato; Tony Salvador
Interacting in chaos BIBPDF 42-54
  Dan R. Olsen
Book preview BIBPDF 55-56
  Jennifer Bruer
Conference preview: OOPSLA 99: 14th annual conference on object-oriented programming systems, language and applications BIBPDF 57
  Jennifer Bruer
Reflections: seegomanifesto BIBPDF 64
  Ramana Rao

INTER 1999 Volume 6 Issue 6

Editorial BIBPDF 2
  Steven Pemberton
Introduction BIBPDF 8-10
  Kay Hofmeester
Maypole highlights: image makers BIBPDF 12-15
  Verena Giller; Manfred Tscheligi; Reinhard Sefelin; Anu Makela; Aapo Puskala; Kristiina Karvonen
Technology survey: future perfect BIBPDF 16-18
  Stephan Somogyi
Social perspectives: getting the message BIBPDF 20-25
  Robin Dunbar
Social perspectives: posing for posterity BIBPDF 26-31
  Luc Pauwels
Social perspectives: emote control BIBPDF 32-35
  Peter Cuyvers
Social perspectives: have the media ruined childhood? BIBPDF 36-41
  Sonia Livingstone
Social perspectives: our own devices BIBPDF 42-45
  Matilda Blyth
Stories scenarios: Hi! tech BIBPDF 46-49
  Chris Long
Stories scenarios: Home truth BIBPDF 50-52
  Pauline Bax
Stories scenarios: hot shots BIBPDF 53-57
  Pauline Bax
Stories scenarios: pix pals BIBPDF 54-57
  Barbara Kiser
Strategic outlook: double exposure BIBPDF 60-62
  Janet Abrams
Strategic outlook: from ears to eyes BIBPDF 64-67
  Gert Staal
Strategic outlook: "Daddy, won't you buy me a mobile?" BIBPDF 68-70
  Andrea Moed
Strategic outlook: charting new territory BIBPDF 72-75
  John Thackara
Technology: eyes wide shut BIBPDF 76-79
  Roderic Leigh
Maypole highlights: what makes kids tick? BIBPDF 80-83
Reference guide: where to go next BIBPDF 84-89
  Matilda Blyth; Peter Cuyvers; Peter Schouten; Bernike Pasveer