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Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems
Note:A Challenge of the Mobility Age
Editors:Mireille Blay-Fornarino; Anne-Marie Pinna-Dery; Kjeld Schmidt; Pascale Zaraté
Location:Saint-Raphaël, France
Dates:2002-Jul-04 to 2002-Jun-07
Publisher:IOS Press
Standard No:ISBN 1-58603-244-5; hcibib: COOP02
  1. Invited Speaker
  2. Cooperation for Multi-Dimension Context
  3. Tools and Techniques for Cooperative Systems Design
  4. Cooperative Engineering
  5. Cooperative Case Studies
  6. Cooperative Knowledge Management and Context
  7. Which Kind of Artifacts for Cooperation?
  8. Panel Abstracts

Invited Speaker

Mobility and Cooperative Systems: Failures, Successes and Possibilities BIB 3
  Richard H. R. Harper

Cooperation for Multi-Dimension Context

ThreeDness: Representing Awareness in cooperative Applications BIB 7-22
  Fabrizio Nunnari; Carla Simone
Reconciling Different Perspectives: An Experiment on Technology Support for Articulation BIB 23-37
  Gloria Mark; Víctor M. González; Marcello Sarini; Carla Simone
Growing Networks: Detours, Stunts and Spillovers BIB 38-49
  Margunn Aanestad; Ole Hanseth

Tools and Techniques for Cooperative Systems Design

Modelling Cooperative Work: Chances and Risks of Structuring BIB 53-70
  Thomas Herrmann; Marcel Hoffmann; Gabriele Kunau; Kai-Uwe Loser
Understanding the Benefits of Graspable Interfaces for Cooperative Use BIB 71-87
  Eva Hornecker
Defining Task Interdependencies and Coordination Mechanism for Collaborative Systems BIB 88-103
  Alberto Barbosa Raposo; Hugo Fuks

Cooperative Engineering

Engineering CSCW BIB 107-122
  Tony Lambie; John Long
Let's Work Together: Supporting Two-Party Collaborations with New Forms of Shared Interactive Representations BIB 123-138
  Michael Scaife; John Halloran; Yvonne Rogers
Studies of Computer Supported Collaborative Writing. Implications for System Design BIB 139-154
  Teresa Cerratto; Henrry Rodriguez

Cooperative Case Studies

A Common Work Space to Support the Cooperation in the Cockpit ofa Two-Seater Fighter Aircraft BIB 157-172
  Marie-Pierre Pacaux-Lemoine; Anthony Loiselet
AMANDA Project: Delegation of Tasks in the Air-Traffic Control Domain BIB 173-190
  Serge Debernard; Stéphane Cathelain; Igor Crévits; Thierry Poulain
Recursive Articulation Work in Ariadne: The Alignment of Meanings BIB 191-206
  Marcello Sarini; Carla Simone

Cooperative Knowledge Management and Context

Cooperative Organizational Memories for IT-Based Process Knowledge Management BIB 209-225
  August-Wilhelm Scheer; Frank Habermann; Oliver Thomas; Christian Seel
Towards a "Knowledge-Based Marketplace" Model (KBM) for Cooperation between Agents BIB 226-238
  Jean-Pierre Cahier; Manuel Zacklad
Putting CSCW in a Business Context -- Implications for Research and Systems Design BIB 239-254
  Per-Arne Persson

Which Kind of Artifacts for Cooperation?

Coordinative Artifacts in Architectural Practise BIB 257-274
  Kjeld Schmidt; Ina Wagner
Co-Constructing Collaborative Computer-Based Artifacts and Mentefacts BIB 275-286
  Peter Mambrey; Bettina Törpel

Panel Abstracts

What's new in Knowledge Management? BIB 289-291
  Liam J. Bannon
Understanding the Roles of Artifacts in Cooperative Work BIB 292
  Kjeld Schmidt